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James Chaudoir:  "Romantic Gems: Music from the Nineteenth Century"  Intermediate, SATB
It's not often recorder players get to play music from the Romantic Era, and when we do, the pieces are transcriptions of works not written for our instruments.  One of the major problems with transcribing nineteenth century music for recorders is navigating its instrumental complexity and harmonic density. 
That is not to say that there isn't Romantic music that would be ideal for recorders to play. If you search diligently enough, you will find numerous shorter works of lesser complexity that are fully representative of the Romantic style and are fun to play.  I have selected and arranged four such works for this session, each by a major composer of this period: Mendelssohn, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, and Brahms.
2023 A Classes
2023 B Classes
Mark Davenport:  "LaNoue's Greatest Hits"
        Tallis, Byrd and Batten (intermediate): Some of the most gorgeous sacred music was  produced in England during the Renaissance and early Baroque periods. This class will sample works from three generations of English court composers: Thomas Tallis (ca. 1505  1585); William Byrd (ca. 1539/40 1623); and Adrian Batten (ca. 1591 ca. 1637)
Clea Galhano: "Multicultural Melodies: from Renaissance to Modern"
Works by Roland  Lassus, Jean-B. Lully , Gustavo Holst

David Echelard  "Medieval Spanish Marion songs of Praise"  For voices and all instruments.
Love songs and contemplative motets of devotion from the Llibre vermell and Cantigas de Santa Maria.  Singers of all voices and any and all instruments are welcome.
Muisc at:

Lisette Kielson:  "Medieval Music… with a Modern Twist" (upper intermediate and above)
In this session we will explore the wonders of medieval music--haunting melodies, unique rhythms, idiomatic dissonances and cadences, homophony, polyphony, even canons(!)-along with some contemporary compositions inspired by those wonders. With selections ranging from fairly accessible to more intricate, this class is geared for upper intermediate and above.
Class Music:
 The Medieval Collection (mostly 2- to 3-part) arranged by Larry Bernstein, Dolce Edition (DOL 116)
 Medieval Fantasias for Recorders (SATB) and Viols by Will Ayton, Allyon Wit Publications 2017 (AWP0027)

Dale Taylor:         "Techniques for learning new fingerings and clefs."
        If you want to learn a new fingering system (C or F or G or?) or a new clef, such as bass clef in either C or F (or G) fingerings, this class will help you overcome the fears with techniques which make it easier. All levels.
Laura Kuhlman:  "The Planets Feet"  Upper intermediate to Advanced
Fun and challenging tunes from the pen of Australian composer, Lance Eccles. A favorite with recorder ensembles worldwide, his compositions are brilliantly speckled with challenging rhythms, cool harmonies, and enchanting imagery.
This class is not for the faint of heart when it comes to technical fluency in rhythm reading and chromatic fingering. Making an appearance during our workshop will include The Planets Feet, In the Garden, Night Sky and few others waiting to be discovered.
Mona Mann:  "Advanced Beginner Consort"
The Advanced Beginner group will provide a supportive environment for participants to focus on basics such as rhythms, time signatures, key signatures, and fingerings for C and F recorders.  We will explore pleasing duets and trios of dances, working to improve our music reading and recorder playing skills at a manageable pace.  We will also discuss techniques and strategies for practicing effectively.
Gayle Neuman:  "Canine Carnival: All About the Dogs"
This class will feature music  about dogs from the 14th century to the 20th century.  We'll play "Branle de Malte" by Arbeau, "Of all jolly pastimes", a song about
about the recreational employment of bulldogs, and "Alla cazza" (anon.), "Tosto che l'alba" (Gherardello da Firenze), and "Hey, trola" (Ravenscroft) all of which are about the hunt and hunting dogs, and a 20th century piece called "Walkin' the Dog", by Shelton Brooks from 1916, which describes a new dance craze, and more. You can collect early dog names to use for your next furry friend!
Phil Neuman:  "Susato's Dutch Songs"  (Upper Intermediate/Advanced)
Come play select pieces from Tielman Susato's 1551 Dutch Song Books with titles like (translated) "Tasty Tidbit and Small Beer Went Out Looking For Adventure", "The Lusty May", "We Have Come Here Walking, Our Money Is All Spent.", "Deep Thoughts" and "Auntie Jane, All Loud and Clear!"
In Susato's own words, "I have with great diligence brought together the best, most artful, choicest songs, by artful masters, composed in our mother tongue...to overcome melancholy, to drive away trouble, to lighten heavy spirits, and to
gladden depressed hearts.
Patrick O'Malley:  "Henry Purcell" (Intermediate)
Venture into 17th-century England, discovering some of the most sing-able tunes of all time. For SATB recorders. We'll use "The Purcell Collection, Volume II," published by Dolce DOL 121.
Mona Mann:  "Keetman's greatest hits!" (Lower Intermediate)  Are you curious about elemental music for recorder? Come explore the little-known works of Gunild Keetman for recorder ensemble. This is some of the most beautiful, modal music of the Orff-Schulwerk, and most people haven't heard of it. Spend an evening working through some of Keetman's greatest hits!
Karen Snowberg:  "Loud Band - Cornetts, sackbuts, shawms, dulcians, etc."  Courtly shenanigans and soaring sacred compositions for those who enjoy producing more volume than a recorder!
Todd Wetherwax:  Musica Chromatica (Marenzio, Gesualdo, Monteverdi and some English too)
Pamela Wiese:   "Beginner Recorder"  We will meet as a group, play through the first few lessons in the "Recorder Guide" and set up schedules for the A sessions on Saturday and Sunday.