James Chaudoir:   "Chédeville for Two" (AA)  (Intermediate)  Play through duet movements from the brothers Chédeville, Esprit Philippe (1696 1762), and Nicolas (1705 1782).  Scored for two altos, these works, though considered at the intermediate level, still offer a few musical challenges.  The selections chosen will have a comfortable range, manageable fingering, as well as being excellent musical compositions.
Mark Davenport:  "LaNoue's Greatest Hits"
        Tallis, Byrd and Batten (intermediate): Some of the most gorgeous sacred music was  produced in England during the Renaissance and early Baroque periods. This class will sample works from three generations of English court composers: Thomas Tallis (ca. 1505  1585); William Byrd (ca. 1539/40 1623); and Adrian Batten (ca. 1591 ca. 1637)
David Echelard  Rounds and Canons for all voices and any instruments.
Shelley Gruskin:   Baroque flutes, all levels  In this hour we will learn techniques to bring your flute playing to the next level. Come with specific questions or just learn some new approaches to playing this wonderful instrument. There will be a couple flutes available if you want to try playing.
Lisette Kielson:
"To Flourish and Grace: Ornamentation in the Solo Repertoire of Telemann &  Hotteterre" (Upper Intermediate to Advanced)  In this class, we'll take a look at the Methodical Sonatas by Telemann and the Suites Op. 2 of Hotteterre: how Telemann uses the Adagio (the perfect vehicle) to demonstrate ornamental possibilities; and how Hotteterre indicates (almost) everything by his codified figures. We'll learn from the masters: What was their intent? What did they specifically indicate? By studying and playing examples of composers' own ornaments, we begin to learn the specific vocabulary of each which helps us when creating our own ornamental language. These pieces, arranged for alto recorder and continuo, work as a wonderful guide for recorder players (and all instrumentalists!) who want to develop their Italian- and French-style baroque embellishments. I'll demonstrate and lead volunteers in playing some of the flourishes and graces that Telemann and Hotteterre lay out for us. Auditors welcome.
Selections taken from:
 Adagios from Telemann's Sonate Metodiche, Dolce 120
 Select movements from Hotteterre's Pièces pour la flûte traversière, Op.2
Arrangements (for alto recorder) and transpositions at:
Hotteterre's Pièces pour la flûte traversière, Op.2
Dale Taylor:         "Techniques for learning new fingerings and clefs."
        If you want to learn a new fingering system (C or F or G or?) or a new clef, such as bass clef in either C or F (or G) fingerings, this class will help you overcome the fears with techniques which make it easier. All levels.
Laura Kuhlman:  "Bagpipes for all"  Come brush up your skills on bagpipes or learn the not so secret art of playing. There will be bagpipes available to wet your whistle and new music to advance your skills.

Gayle Neuman:  "Particularly Pleasing:" Music for Soft Reed and Brass Instruments.  Inspired by description of the rackett from the book De Organographia (1619), this is a class for renaissance winds including krummhorns, cornamusen, douçaines, sordunes, kortholts, racketts, dulcians, cornetti, and sackbutts.  Included will be exciting selections by Ludwig Senfl, Juan Vasquez, John Dowland, Claudin de Sermisy, the mysterious "M", and music from Regensburg Manuscript 940-1.  We will also discuss important elements of instrument, reed, and embouchure maintenance.
Phil Neuman:  "Let's change the subject": Drinking Songs of the Renaissance and Baroque:  (Intermediate) The fruit of the vine has inspired rousing music through the ages, with catchy melodies and lyrics ranging from irreverent parodies to hilarious narratives.  Selections will include "Margot labourez les vignes," "Vitrum nostrum," "Changeons propos" (Let's change the subject), "Qu'ils sont doux, bouteille jolie," "Sack's Flavour," "So trinken wir alle," "Of Beer" and many more.  Composers will include Orlando di Lasso, Claudin de Sermisy, Henry Purcell, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, John Gamble, Thomas Ravenscroft, Nicholas Gombert, and others.
Patrick O'Malley:  "Canons of the Sixteenth Century" (Intermediate)  Experience the pleasure of creating polyphony in an approachable way. First we will work on phrasing in unison playing, then in canon. Narrow ranges mean that these pieces can be played on either C or F recorders.
Mona Mann:  "Keetman's greatest hits!" (Lower Intermediate)  Are you curious about elemental music for recorder? Come explore the little-known works of Gunild Keetman for recorder ensemble. This is some of the most beautiful, modal music of the Orff-Schulwerk, and most people haven't heard of it. Spend an evening working through some of Keetman's greatest hits!
Phillip Serna:  "Gloria Tibi Trinitas - Taverner's Mass & the Elemental Beginnings of the In Nomine"  Just as the Higgs boson particle is elemental to the universe having mass, so does John Taverner's 6-voice mass Gloria Tibi Trinitas create the basis of the In Nomine. Join us in playing Tavener's mass tracing this uniquely English genre of consort music all the way to it's base code!

Katherine Shuldiner:  "Beginner Class"  This is the perfect opportunity to try the Viola da gamba. This class is for absolute beginners who are interested in exploring a new instrument. If desired, private lessons are offered upon request over the weekend to further instruction.
Karen Snowberg:  "Wind Band"  (all levels) Courtly shenanigans and soaring sacred compositions for cornetti, sackbuts, shawms, racketts, dulcians, and capped reeds.
Todd Wetherwax:  Musica Chromatica (Marenzio, Gesualdo, Monteverdi and some English too)
Lisa Terry:  Follow the Phrase. Using texted madrigals we work on getting our bowing to match singers' long phrases, using cues in the text to shape articulation and phrase length.  Any level, doubling; open to singers, winds, viols.

Anne Timberlake:  "Get Organ-ized:  Music for the King of Instruments- dethroned" (Upper Intermediate - Advanced)  We'll pull out all the stops, and all our bad organ puns, playing music originally written for organ.

Pamela Wiese:   "Beginner Recorder"  We will meet as a group, play through the first few lessons in the "Recorder Guide" and set up schedules for the A and B sessions on Saturday and Sunday.